Maher on Foley and Sotloff: ‘It Was Their Choice’

On his Friday show, HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher argued that Americans were overreacting to the threat of ISIS, and that the murders journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff did not show ISIS was a threat to the US because Foley and Sotloff chose to go to the Middle East.

“I feel bad about the journalists who were killed and I admire greatly their courage … but it was their choice, and when you choose to live among cutthroats, you might get your throat cut, do Americans living here really think they’re going to be next? One day it happens in the desert outside of Mosul and the next day you’re standing in line for the new iPhone and [you get decapitated]? Get a grip,” he said.

Maher added “would we be this terrified if ISIS didn’t make videos, and wear black, and have a scary name?”  He then stated that the name “ISIS” was “simultaneously cool-sounding and stands for pure evil, like Monsanto.” And “ISIS isn’t going to kill you, things like polyethoxylated tallowamine [a chemical in one of Monstanto’s products], that’s what’s going to kill you. But try selling that idea in the United States of Pant-Sh**ters.”

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Frisbeegolf anyone?

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Pooch getting down on sum #dimsum▼ Reshared Post From May Fong Robinson ▼Dog eating Chinese food  :) #funnyanimals

Pooch getting down on sum #dimsum

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Dog eating Chinese food  :)


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When you leave your #children alone.

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What kids do when no one is whatching

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#funny #fun #lol #smile #hilarious #bored #humor #kids   #parenting   #children